To promote and increase visibility worldwide of forestry and environmental issues in the Latin American and Caribbean region through the exchange of information and experiences between the organization’s members and other local, national or regional networks that share the goals of the sustainable use and conservation of forests, emphasizing the people who live in and from the forest, and the fight against climate change; the network should be a model for forest communication to decision makers.


By 2020, become a strong and consolidated organization that encourages linkages among forest and environmental communicators in the Latin American and Caribbean region through training and capacity building activities for its members and the dissemination of initiatives and actions directly related to forests and climate change carried out by countries in the region.


  • To create spaces for information exchange and reflection.
  • To produce communication materials promoting the conservation and sustainable use of forests and the environment
  • To build closer ties among communication professionals of like-minded organizations to generate joint communication actions and/or strategies that make Latin America´s reality–the main challenges- visible.
  • To strengthen technical and journalistic capacities of its members.
  • To provide communicational services to national and international organizations in relation to the forest, environmental and climate change sectors.

What we want to acomplish

  • Political Advocacy: to position the network in relevant policy decision-making scenarios at the global level in issues related to the forest and environmental sectors.
  • Management: to establish self-sustaining management mechanisms so that the network can become financially and politically independent and engage in social and ecological advocacy.
  • Production: To develop communication materials to position forests and environmental issues from Latin America and the Caribbean both globally and regionally.
  • Dissemination: To provide information about the environmental context of Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as the main efforts and good practices being undertaken in the forest sector.
  • Capacity building: to support capacity building activities among its members and other communications specialists in the region working on environmental and forestry issues.

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